NEWS: Readjusting after relocation back to South Australia, from U.S.A.
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Currently selling my art & also some of my private art collection due to downsizing.
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PREVIEW: A couple of my latest artworks - see my eBay store ...
7x5" watercolour by artist jillian crider SFA 7x5" watercolour by artist Jillian Crider

PREVIEW: My art for sale in my Etsy shop ...
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PREVIEW: Some of my newest listings in my Etsy shop ...
ACEO art (2.5 x 3.5")
Miniature art (dollhouse) 1:12
more art of all kinds
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Some of my recent art works ...

"Snow" - January, 2017
12 x 12" Acrylic on canvas.
Painted as a gift for a cousin and his wife.

"Nature's Beautiful GIft"
12th November, 2015 watercolour/watercolor
ACEO (3.5x2.5")

Sorry, NFS
watercolor watercolour white swan ACEO Jillian Crider artistjillian

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For fun I love to do collages, art journals, altered books, mixed media - see some on my 'other' website

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