Jillian's ACEOs:

ACEOs are works of art done to the size 2.5x3.5" (6.35 x 8.89 cm) - same size as playing cards, and trading cards.
Easy to collect, easy to display. Quite addictive, quite collectible. ACEO = Art Cards, Editions and Originals - always 2.5x3.5" I've been painting these since early 2005, and have done hundreds.
I cringe when I see some of these old art works, but they were fun to do or done for a special reason, because of a trend, just for fun, as an 'experiment', for customers, to a theme, or on a dare. *lol* Some were old, larger sketches and paintings, cut to size or even smaller paintings put on a larger background. A lot of my early ones were done quickly as I was working full-time, at that time. However they do show the evolution of ACEOs online.

For ACEOs I'm currently offering for sale, check out my Etsy 'artistjillian' website.

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ACEOs - by 'artistjillian' - # A1 through 100
(all these were done in the year 2005)