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Jillian's Acrylic Gallery:

These artworks are all done using acrylic paints. Various sizes, various subjects.
Most are on stretched canvas, or canvas-paper.

Please note: These artwork images are not edited to scale. The sizes of each is below the artwork title, in inches.
                     Sorry for the poor quality of some of the images, due to losing some better quality images from my computer.

Acrylic artwork paintings by artistjillian - Jillian Crider 01 roses

Acrylic paintings by Jillian Crider - artistjillian floral tea cups violet roses

Jillian Crider - artistjillian acrylic paintings art roses

Jillian Crider artistjillian arcylic paintings roses garden art

Roses Jillian Crider artistjillian acrylic paintings art

Art of Jillian Crider artistjillian deperession glass sundaes Sammy Blue singer acrylic paintings