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My original art - Fuchsia Lore Art Gallery (artist: Jillian Crider)

I have loved fuchsias since childhood, and for 7 years was a member of the Australian Fuchsia Society. At one stage I had over 300 named varieties of fuchsias and collected fuchsia lore. I do still love them, and paint them from time to time.

My paintings may be found on my eBay and Etsy shops. Originals, and/or prints, should you wish to purchase some of my art. I am an award-winning artist, and my work has hung in many galleries. Please contact me if you'd like something special. I also did a series of 8 fuchsia rubber stamps in the 1990s.

I do many forms of art - so there is quite a variety of fuchsia art here - anywhere from illustrations,
to collages, ink, and watercolor.

I'd love your support of my art:
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