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I work in many different mediums, and very different  types of art. 
I hope you enjoy looking  through my diversities in art. Thank you.
Intended  as a gallery - BUT to see what art I am selling, see 'Available Art' and/or HOME page.

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Jillian Crider artistjillian acrylic art paintings - button Gallery of Acrylic Paintings by artistjillian - Jillian Crider
View my acrylic artworks as a slide show.
This slide show features virtually all of my acrylic artworks, and will add more, as I do  them.
Newest are first.

These are  my 1:12  scale miniature artworks,  Painted specifically for miniature collectors and enthusiasts - where original artworks for  dollhouses and room boxes are required.

ACTIVE (Currently updating)
ACEOs are always 2.5  x 3.5".
Collectible art  - same size as trading cards and playing cards.

Many fuchsias growers  are active collectors of 'fuchsia lore' (products of all kinds with fuchsias featured, including artworks).
These are some of my artworks and more, which incorporate fuchsias.



 coming soon ...

This gallery is for my miniatures as done usually for miniature art society art shows. I've won several awards for these. Quite an interesting side to a different genre of art for an artist.

I dearly love this medium, and it was my medium of choice when I started doing art 'seriously' for art shows. One immediately winning an award. Pastel truly is a wonderful medium, working with pure colours.

I think watercolour is my very favourite of all mediums. I've won awards, even with the third one I did. I hope to do many more in future.

I adore oils, but drying time is an issue. Consequently I haven't done many, but so pleased with all I've done. Maybe I'm due to do some more soon?
Pen & Wash 
Mixed Media 
Ink / Pencil (Drawings) 
Art Journals 
Miscellaneous  Art 
 and more ...